#writinglife: day in the life of a prime-time series writer (part three)

Page/Part Three of the Facebook Group thread in which I live-journaled a typical day at work last December.  Archived courtesy brilliant filmmaker & inkcanada Group member, Jenn Liao.  Part One is here.  Part Two is here.

KW: eeeeeeeew thanks Wil. eeeeeew. It probably wasn’t my 9AM stop tho - I brake close to home, only the other writers brake out here in studio-land… which I can’t do for many wrong-way divider reasons.

KW: 11:36AM finished in-house first draft for room review. I goofed and said this one is after my next one (currently in prep) - in fact it’s two eps from now. still gagging re Wil’s update on mice in take-away coffees, bt I’m usually gagging thanks to one writerly observation or another by this point (very early still) in our room’s day ;) I have three rubber rats in poses of simulated fornication on my desk, nuff said. Page: Driver going to set. Which today is on location. I need a stretch and fresh coffee…

KW: Elan Mastai in no way the same, writing tv versus features. I actually feel like a whole other person who writes a whole other way in tv now. lemme make a bathroom run (while I still can) and explain if not before over lunch…

KW: just realizes second to last post deceptive - ‘just finished READING’ that should say. Prepping Blues on about to shoot Thursday script which is written by yours truly. second of 3 (third will be a co-write with another staffer - awaiting concept approval now)

Jeff Eyamie (JE): Karen Walton Is there a TV in your room and is someone screening random clips from the internet on it? Is someone pitching to someone else? Describe the activity in the room for someone who’s never been inside one ;)

WZ: Jeff, there is a TV in the room, but it’s mostly used for watching casting tapes, dailies, rough cuts, director’s cuts and final cuts.

WZ: Also, re: the room. At the beginning of the season, before production, it’s writers sitting around a table and talking for 10 hours a day for a couple of months. By the time the cameras roll, it has been subdivided; everyone off working on one part of the machine or another.

JE: Wil Zmak So it’s quiet in there right now? Quiet as a coffee mouse?

KW: 11:47AM break with the boss (veteran show runner Peter Mohan - reporting first call received regarding me doing this here. I didn’t ask permission because as always at ink I don’t tend to break any contractual obs writing online — but don’t try this at home (or from your show) unless you’re familiar with your legal. And as cool, Pete thinks it’s awesome and is very supportive as always of sharing experiences among pros so how cool is my gig? but again, unless you’re super familiar with the online info management, I wouldn’t do what I’m doing today if you’re new or don’t like potential trouble from on high. Hopefully most know know I’m not a malevolent messenger ;)

KW: The boss is back from mixing Ep1 and apparently it’s awesome which surprises me not in the least. It’s a great ep and it’s going to be an amazing season.